About Us

With solid backgrounds in corporate systems, protection and security, the leaders at Tech Cover have put together a team of quality professionals with the customer service edge needed to keep businesses running safe and sound.

We understand the impacts technology issues can have on a business, even with small outages and issues. We are prepared and ready to assist in the time frames you need.

Imagine for a moment being able to relate these 3 simple things to your technology and systems always:




Assurance before Insurance

Do you want to keep IT support maintenance costs to a budget but still have the assistance you need exactly when you need it?
We will have a service plan that suits your business needs.

IT equipment and services are generally a tool to achieve a business goal. When they are compromised, or simply unavailable, getting that job done can be hampered by this loss of service or stability.

The team at Tech Cover have over 20 years experience doing just that.  Keeping your business operational through thick and thin.

Bring control back to your workplace. Get your obligation free quote today.