Managed IT Services

Managed It Services Brisbane & QLD

Comprehensive and Proactive IT Support for Your Business

Protect from IT uncertainty with server and desktop maintenance, systems and service monitoring, managed anti-virus solutions and enterprise class backup systems. Let us help you manage your IT outgoings by reducing incidents and setting fixed costs without committing to overpriced MSP solutions. Get a quote for Managed IT Services today

Monitoring and Maintenance

Looking after your operating systems and software helps minimise risk from threats and vulnerabilities. Desktops and servers can be managed to update regularly and monitor for changes and issues. Monitoring includes checking critical functions and services to ensure that your business is up and running.

Office Productivity Suite and Cloud Services

The best productivity tools for your team providing outstanding collaboration and communication unified in simple, manageable, and affordable packages.

With world class email and support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), a 99% uptime ensures your entire business is at your fingertips when you need it.

Additionally, first class mobile device management helps your business remain compliant and safeguards your data and intellectual property.

Cloud Backups

Never depend on one backup alone – Any automatic transfer of already infected data can potentially corrupt the destination too.

Onsite Cloud and Cloud to Cloud

Storing your data in the cloud is not automatically safe. You still need backups to provide a safety net against failure of a storage location as well as bulk data corruption. Ease of recoverability is important to ensure that the recovery time suits the operational needs of your business and does not result in costly unnecessary downtime.

Check, Review, Test and Check Again.

Even automatic processes must be checked regularly for failures and issues. Our skilled professional team manages this for you simply, cheaply & efficiently. Our regular monitoring keeps you safe and ensures things going silently awry behind the scenes are fixed quickly.

Managed Anti-Virus

Unfortunately, anti-virus is like wearing a seatbelt. It’s an essential protection but the worst can still happen. Business grade Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solutions combined using market leader fast and efficient technologies provide the best protection you can get.

Using a managed solution provides an extra level of safety with Tech Cover monitoring your updates and scans remotely and enabling reporting across your organisation. This clarity and control helps keep you safe.

Tech Cover offer a range of managed services contact Tech Cover today on 1300 832 268.


Our Service Packages

1. Tech Cover Essentials

Tech Cover Essentials performs multiple daily hardware and software audits to identify patches and firmware updates. It includes:

  • Enterprise grade monitored anti-virus and anti-malware solutions
  • Monitoring of desktop performance
  • Management of your computer security policies and the remote support software
  • Individual support calls are charged with a 10% discount applied

2. Tech Cover Elite

Tech Cover Elite is the full support package including all that Tech Cover Essentials offers as well as adding unlimited 9 x 5 business hours helpdesk support covering:

  • Malware and virus removal, software installation
  • Application support
  • Patching support and all your IT administrative tasks
  • Cloud backup solution to secure your data

How Can Tech Cover Benefit My Business?

Have peace of mind knowing that your systems and data are protected.
Collaborate and communicate with your on-site or remote teams effectively.
Control your IT costs and enjoy value for money.