Managed IT Security Service Provider Brisbane

Managed IT Security Service Provider Brisbane

Online & Safe

Keep your business online and safe from cyber threats with a managed security service provider (MSSP). Tech Cover offers comprehensive managed security services including the monitoring and management of your network and data security as well as effective incident response when required. With our managed security service you can outsource your cybersecurity needs, leaving you free to focus on growing your business knowing your network and data will remain secure.

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Assurance Before Insurance

Do you want to keep IT support maintenance costs to a budget but still have the assistance you need exactly when you need it? We will have a service plan that suits your business needs.

IT equipment and services are generally a tool to achieve a business goal. When they are compromised, or simply unavailable, getting that job done can be hampered by this loss of service or stability.

The team at Tech Cover have over 20 years experience doing just that.  Keeping your business operational through thick and thin.

Network Security

As one of Brisbane’s leading managed security service providers, you can rely on Tech Cover to keep your network secure and compliant at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated in-house cybersecurity team. Our services include the monitoring and maintenance of your network to ensure connectivity and access while protecting from potential cyber threats. This will ensure your network remains secure while minimising the risk of downtime or performance issues.

Proactive Data Protection

We take a proactive approach to data protection, identifying where your network is most at risk to cyber-attacks and implementing policies and preventions to protect your information. Tech Cover will also put in place risk management and mitigation procedures to ensure that your network and data remain secure. Our advanced threat detection systems provide 24/7 monitoring of your IT systems to detect potential attacks before they pose a real risk to your business.

Save Money With MSSP

Outsource your cyber-security to a dedicated managed security service provider, such as Tech Cover, to save money. With Tech Cover, you will have access to an entire team of network and data security experts for less than the cost of a single in-house network security team member. Our proactive approach to cyber security will keep your network and data safe for one flat rate, as opposed to the inflated price of an emergency fix when a cyber-attack occurs, not to mention the other financial impacts of a data breach.

Increased Productivity

Reliable managed security services can also increase productivity as downtime is minimised. Additionally, we will keep your network running at peak efficiency, reducing lag to ensure maximum productivity.

Cyber Security Tips For Your Team

Another benefit of using a managed security service provider is that you can lean on their expertise to educate your employees against cyber threats. Lack of digital security knowledge is one of the leading causes of avoidable cyber-attacks. We can provide cyber security tips for your team members to ensure that they are aware of common threats, from email scams to downloading unsafe programs, reducing the risk of a data breach. We also provide testing and education services to help identify the staff members who may need that extra push to keep them cyber safe.

If you need a cost-effective way to safeguard your network and data from cyber-attacks, Tech Cover’s managed security service is the solution. Protect your business from potential threats, such as data breaches, viruses and malware, phishing scams and more, with an MSSP. If you’re looking for the best managed security provider Brisbane and Australia-wide, look no further than Tech Cover. Call us today on 1300 832 326 for a consultation.

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Our Service Packages

1. Tech Cover Essentials

Tech Cover Essentials performs multiple daily hardware and software audits to identify patches and firmware updates. It includes:

  • Enterprise grade monitored anti-virus and anti-malware solutions
  • Monitoring of desktop performance
  • Management of your computer security policies and the remote support software
  • Individual support calls are charged with a 10% discount applied

2. Tech Cover Elite

Tech Cover Elite is the full support package including all that Tech Cover Essentials offers as well as adding unlimited 9 x 5 business hours helpdesk support covering:

  • Malware and virus removal, software installation
  • Application support
  • Patching support and all your IT administrative tasks
  • Cloud backup solution to secure your data

“The team are knowledgeable and friendly and they are always quick to respond.


"made sure everything was humming perfectly

Tech Cover helped us to create a “No waiting zone” for our editing suites. Essentially we said we don’t want to wait for any uploading, downloading, exporting, importing, rendering etc. They built our computers from scratch, recreated our entire software environment, built our NAS, set us up in the cloud, and made sure everything was humming perfectly. Whenever we have a drama we just called their help desk and it is normally resolved within 5 minutes to half an hour. Great team, and great people.

– Dylan Webber – Video Domain


“they are always quick to respond

We use Tech Cover for our business and are very happy with their service. The team are knowledgeable and friendly and they are always quick to respond. I would highly recommend using Tech Cover, they have helped our business run smoother and I know that all of our computers and data are up to date and safe.

– Lauren Hunter – Platinum Joinery


"one of the best customer service teams I have ever dealt with

These guys are fantastic, one of the best customer service teams I have ever dealt with. They are based in Queensland and my business is based in Victoria, however today I have transferred all our email and website hosting to them because of how easy and professional they have been to deal with. Great job guys.

How Can Tech Cover Benefit My Business?

Have peace of mind knowing that your systems and data are protected.
Collaborate and communicate with your on-site or remote teams effectively.
Control your IT costs and enjoy value for money.